Sony and Albert Rego Deliver a $25,000 Check to South Texas College

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McAllen, TX – May 8, 2024: South Texas College (STC) welcomed special guests and prominent donors, Sony and Albert Rego from the Santa Fe Foundation, to an event recognizing their contributions to the college and highlighting the growth of the Culinary Arts Program. The event celebrated the Rego family’s ongoing support for higher education.

Dr. Rodney Rodriguez, Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Economic Development, opened the event by expressing his excitement in welcoming Sony and Albert Rego. He acknowledged the presence of Trustee Danny Guzman and STC President Dr. Ricardo Solis.

“We’re so excited to welcome our guests, Sony and Albert Rego. Let’s give ’em a round of applause—our donors from the Santa Fe Foundation.

Dr. Ricardo Solis, President of South Texas College, praised the rapid growth of the Culinary Arts Program and hinted at further expansion. He commended Trustee Guzman for advocating for program improvements and acknowledged the Rego family’s support.

“This is a momentous occasion where we are really celebrating the expansion of one of the region’s most unique, fastest-growing programs here in the region,” said Dr. Solis. He highlighted STC’s commitment to providing students with quality training and equipment to meet industry demands.

Dr. Sonia Lozano, Dean of the Business, Public Safety, and Technology Division, emphasized the hands-on nature of the Culinary Arts Program and the importance of industry partnerships. She introduced Angela Barrera, Department Chair for the Culinary Arts Program, who then introduced the faculty members in attendance.

“A lot of our programs within this division are very hands-on, and we rely heavily on our industry partners to take our students and teach them hands-on training,” said Dr. Lozano.

Angela Barrera acknowledged the Rego family and the STC Foundation for their support and encouraged students to recognize the resources available to help them succeed.

“Students, I hope you know how much support we have for you and your program. Everything we do is driven by our desire to see you succeed,” Barrera said.

Sony and Albert Rego shared personal stories of their journey in the culinary industry, highlighting the challenges they faced starting. They emphasized the importance of the Culinary Arts Program in providing students with practical training and guidance.

“Our industry is growing so much, and you guys need money for supplies. I want to be part of that,” said Sony Rego.

Albert Rego added,
”You have a very blessed opportunity to have these folks, an institution like this, and someone like Dr. Ricardo who cares about expanding the program.”

In a symbolic gesture of their continued support, the Rego family presented a $25,000 check to South Texas College as part of their involvement with the Santa Fe Wine Classic event. This donation will provide unrestricted scholarships to culinary students and helping them with uniforms, supplies, and other essential needs.

Dr. Solis expressed gratitude to Sony and Albert and confirmed that the partnership will continue growing, providing additional student resources. He announced plans to further expand the Culinary Arts Program to meet regional demands.

“We’re very excited that we’re starting here. This is a great partnership, and we will continue putting more resources into this program to ensure you have the latest techniques and equipment,” said Dr. Solis.

The event highlighted the strong partnership between South Texas College and the Santa Fe Foundation, emphasizing both parties’ commitment to the success of the Culinary Arts Program and its students. Sony and Albert Rego’s dedication to supporting education and expanding opportunities in the culinary industry was applauded by all in attendance. Their generosity and involvement have created a lasting impact on STC students and the culinary community.